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First prizeWith six numbers matched
Second prizeWith five numbers matched
Third prizeWith four numbers matched
Fourth prizeWith three numbers matched

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If you're one of our lucky winners, we'll send your winnings directly to you, either directly into your bank (if playing by Direct Debit), or via a cheque sent in the post - no need to make a claim.

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What would you do with your winnings?

I have arthritis in both my legs as well as my back. I started playing the Versus Arthritis lottery as a way to support a charity who helped me. When I found out I’d won the top prize, I was actually speechless. The money is a real life-changer for us.- Paul, £25,000 winner in 2021

Join thousands defying arthritis together

By playing our lottery, you’ll have the chance to win up to £25,000 in weekly prizes. Not only that – you’ll be changing the lives of people with arthritis.

Thanks to your support, we’re making a real difference for people like Lara, who was diagnosed with arthritis when she was just two years old.

Lara's dad, Tom, said: "Seeing your child in pain is just nearly indescribable, you've got to keep searching for treatments that work."

Our community of supporters have funded research into treatments that are helping Lara keep her pain under better control. Lara's mum, Sapna, said: "Two days after her first steroid injection, she started jumping for the first time. It's only until after the treatment's worked that you realise what she couldn't do."

With your help we're sharing strength with families like Lara's today and investing in research that will give them a brighter tomorrow.

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